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June 4th: Early Release at Amazon & Direct!

You can grab your copy of Searching for Shelter now at those two sites, everywhere else is still June 28th. Get your copy HERE

Announcements May 19th, 2024

I'm happy to say that the first three books in the Kiss of Leather series have been revised, re-edited, and released. Building Bonds also includes a bonus chapter between Marshall and Kyle. I'll be getting the rights back to Book 4 sometime this summer, then by fall hope to have all the Kiss of Leather books back together again with a series page on Amazon. It's been a journey which I'm thrilled is almost over.

I also have the 2nd Edition of Searching for Shelter (Sin City Uniforms 6) on preorder, out June 28th. The 7th book and final 2nd edition probably won't be back out until late fall/early winter, due to how long it takes for the from publisher to remove all the old ones. 

As you who have been patient and kind with me as I deal with the challenges of a chronic illness already know, I'm not as speedy as I used to be! But I'm in a good place right now, and able to get more writing in. The  next six months will be devoted to completing, or at least starting, as many projects as possible. Those include Daddy Marc's Gem, and a couple of super secret, soon to be revealed anthos that  you will love so much (I promise), and a co-write with an amazing author. 

And finally, if you follow my M.M. Wilde pen name, or would love to read some spicy mpreg gargoyle romance, then check out the M.M. Wilde page. I just released the first book in the new Shadow Slayers series, and I hope you can check it out! It's also in KU.

Audiobook News
Nothing new is set in stone right now. However, if you hadn't already heard, The Command & Care series is now available as two boxed sets at Audible, Amazon and Apple:
Command & Care Volumes 1 - 3
(Audible US
(Audible UK)
(Audible CA)

Command & Care Volumes 4 - 6
(Audible US)
(Audible UK)
(Audible CA)

Webstores/Buy Direct
As of now, I have most of my widely available titles in ebook form at my store. I will continue to feature special webstore deals only and early releases for many titles. Not only that, but you download the actual book when you buy from me. It's on your device/computer. If an app or site goes under, you won't lose your library! And if you should need help getting your files, I'm here to guide you!  Prefer physical copies? I've opened an Etsy store for signed paperbacks that includes cool swag and bundled deals. I'll also be adding more titles there soon.

That's it for now! I'll be back when I have more news to share :)


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