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(Year-end updates coming soon!)

August 1st, 2023

Important Updates and Scheduling Changes
Hi everyone, I hope you're all well. I made some important announcements in my newsletter and Facebook Group, but if you don't subscribe or aren't on Facebook, I wanted to fill you in here. The easiest way is to give you the link to the web version of my newsletter which you can go to HERE If you preordered Daddy Marc's Gem, then you should know by now from Amazon that it's been cancelled. I assure you I'm not going anywhere, and neither is the Club Sensation series or others in the works, but I have some health matters to take care of which will slow me down. I hope you can understand that not only do I need to take care of myself, but I want to put out the best books possible. Lately, it's been too difficult to concentrate or battle my fatigue. I promise to kee you informed here and wherever else I post.

Rights Reversions on Backlist Titles
Once again, I want to mention that I know how hard it is to keep track of all the series getting scrambled and the missing volumes.  Just know that I work very hard to get missing books back out on the market as quick as I can. Right now, Held Hostage (Sin City Uniforms 4) is unavailable, but it is on preorder at Amazon, and will be available at the rest of the sites soon after the re-release on August 4th. I also want to let you know that there will be a gap of time when Building Bonds (Kiss of Leather 1) isn't available as all the rights get switched over. You can expect it to be down from all sites in July. My goal is to get it back up at some point in September/October. 

Pretty Puppy and Master Zane's Boys are out now! John Solo has done a fantastic job once again. They're both available at Amazon and Audible, with Apple catching up any day now. They've been unusually slow lately! Yes, Daddy Marc's Gem will be made into audio after it releases, date to be announced.
It's getting there, but still under construction. Right now I have my Payhip store link under that tab, where you can get the Kiss of Leather books I have re-released at 25% off the retail prices, along with other titles. I've also opened an Etsy store for signed paperbacks, with more title being added soon.

That's all for now! More soon...


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