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M.M. Wilde

M.M. Wilde is the knotty mpreg/paranormal pen name of Morticia Knight. You can expect the fluffiest of feels along with shifters, mythical creatures, aliens and more! And of course, all the heat you've come to expect from a Morticia book :)

Here are the titles currently available and what you can expect in 2022/23:

Alaskan Wolf Alliance Series: A secret wolf shifter society in the wilds of Alaska discover that the tales from the old world are true: the omega males once had the ability to carry children. But now, a rogue wolf clan wants to grab power and use the omegas for their own fiendish purposes.

1. Rescued by the Alpha
2. Guarding the Runaway Omega
3. Convincing the Brokenhearted Beta 
4. Taming the Arrogant Delta (Release date TBD)

Vale Valley Multi-author Series: Welcome to the magical world of Vale Valley filled with shifters, dragons, witches, vampires, gods, mermen and more! Only those who are in need of love and a home can see this hidden safe haven.

1. A Swan For Christmas (Vale Valley Season 1, Book 4)
2. A Hatchling for Valentine's (Vale Valley Season 2, Book 8)
3. A Swan's Love Song (Vale Valley Season 3, Book 3)

Standalone Books:

1. Entwined (fae/human mpreg)

Multi-Author Series: G-Force Federation: Gargoyles and shifters in space!

1. Space Fox by L.M. Brown 
2. Dominic's Star by Michael Mandrake 
3. Goliath's Mate by Giovanna Reaves 
4. Pooch Planet by M.M. Wilde 

Trapped with a Vampire: Out now! Grab your copy HERE.

Shadow Slayers Series: Gargoyle shifters are tasked with the mission of keeping humanity safe from the shadow gargoyles who seek to destroy all light, and plunge the world into darkness. Every gargoyle slayer has been promised that their fated mate will be revealed to them once they've slain 144 rogues.

1. Gargoyle Vigilante (2023 TBD)
2. Gargoyle Reaper (Winter 2023 TBD)
3. TBD
4. TBD
5. TBD

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