Monday, November 23, 2015

Men Loving Men Monday - So Happy Together #gay #LGBT #mm #photos #MenLovingMen

For this week's Men Loving Men photos I chose two pictures that convey the connection and happiness between couples. This is the relationship beyond the sex, when two people have built a life together and are loving it and each other.

Enjoy! I'll see you on Freebie Hump Day when I'll have a download link for you of a BDSM sci-fi/dystopian story.  See ya then!

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kiss of Leather 3 WIP for Seductive Studs #gay #BDSM #romance #snippet #SedStuds

Hey everyone - I'm in deadline land! I actually have two different stories I'm working on at the same time, so I'm extra tired *wink* But I'll share with you a quick snippet from Kiss of Leather 3:

He uncoiled the leather implement, gripped the braided handle, checking its flexibility. He then dragged his hand down the length of the whip until he reached the thin lash. After examining the popper, he was satisfied that the whip was in as perfect condition as it’d been the last time he’d used it. He twisted both wrists, rolled his shoulders, loosening his muscles. Taking position behind a still perfectly displayed Corey, he swished the bullwhip, let it lick the floor near Corey’s feet. Corey hadn’t moved.

Derek was more than six feet behind Corey as he tested the distance between them. Holding the handle of the whip waist high in front of him, he waved it through the air, side to side. Once he was satisfied that he could hit Corey’s back right where he wanted and with the intensity he desired, he cracked the whip on the floor. Corey jumped, but held on to the chains. His feet remained shoulder width apart and pride over how well his lover was adjusting to their new dynamic filled Derek.

“No blood until we get tested. No welts either. Color only.” 

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bonus Flash Fic from Gin & Jazz for Freebie Hump Day #gay #BDSM #NSFW #Freestory

Welcome to Freebie Hump Day - my gift to you! This is when I'll post free flash fic, or bits of what might be longer stories someday when they grow up, or bonus content of existing characters. Some of it will get formatted eventually for you to download, and I'll post those here on my site. For this week, I'm cheating a little bit. Yet another emergency grabbed me by my ankles and shook me upside down today, so I'm going to take you over to Boy Meets Boy Reviews in case you missed out on the kinky fic I did for their Anniversary celebration.

This approximately 2250 word story is based on a character who will be familiar to those who read the Gin & Jazz series that's set in 1920's Hollywood. He was a side character, but as it turns out, he has a rather specific kink that only the right man can fulfill for him. He's never had anyone give him what he really needs. Not until he meets Doctor Grayson, that is. Click HERE to read this extra naughty story *wink*

If you're interested in checking out the Gin & Jazz series, click HERE to see the book where it all begins - Hollywood Bound(Gin & Jazz 1)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Men Loving Men Mondays - Cuddling in Bed #gay #mm #photos #MenLovingMen

Hey everyone! So I'm starting a new feature here at the blog. Every Monday I'm going to bring you two or three photos of men loving men. While they might be sensual, what I'm really focusing on is the romance, the love. Every story I write has a happy ending, and the men find their ever after with each other. I thought it would be nice to celebrate that every Monday as we start off our weeks - because it's all about the love!

See you on Wednesday for a hump day freebie. I'll either be starting on a bonus scene or I might be in the mood to work on the 1920's circus ringmaster story. Hmm. Can't decide. Stop on by to check it out!

All photos in this post have been licensed for use. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ropes For Rich - Seductive Studs #gay #erotic #romance #SedStuds #excerpt

Hey everyone - here's my snippet for this week's Seductive Studs. We have several blogs for you to visit this week, so make sure you check out the linky list after the excerpt. This is also taken from Searching For Shelter (Sin City Uniforms 6) which I just finished editing. Yay! This scene is when Diego decides to give Rich one of his fantasies:

Diego traced the tip of his finger along Rich’s jaw then down to his chin. He continued the action, a slight curl pulling at the corner of his mouth. He rubbed his nose against Rich’s then parted his lips, capturing Rich’s, sucking them in before letting go. He dipped his tongue in again, tasting Rich, drawing each kiss out as the heat between them built.
Diego cupped his cheek, rubbing Rich’s skin with his thumb, his tongue pushing deeper, demanding more of him. He arched his back, Diego holding him tighter. They had way too many clothes on. Diego broke the connection abruptly.
“I have to ask you something.” Diego pushed his words out through quick breaths.
“Yeah?” Rich could barely slow down his own breathing.
“I want to make one of your fantasies come true today, but I have one of my own. I was thinking we could share them.”
Hey now.
“Ropes? Please say yes.”
Diego chuckled as he continued to tease Rich’s skin with his finger, outlining his face by running it down the length of his nose, across his brow, then back and forth across his bottom lip. “Yes. Ropes.”
Rich let out an exaggerated sigh. “Finally.”
Now head on over to these other seductive blogs and I'll see you Monday for my first 'Men Loving Men Monday' when I'll share a romantic photo ;-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Venetian Skies Release Day - Excerpt, Character Muse & More! #gay #military #romance #newrelease

As you might know from my previous posts, I'm sprucing things up here at the ol' blog. I've been blogging here for over fours years *choke* *gasp*, but haven't done as much as I'd originally intended to do with it. Initially, it was due to the fact that I was working a full time salary exempt job, then rather quickly after I was published, I added writing that was also full time hours to the mix. The blog was lucky I ever paid it any attention at all. 

Once I quit the EDJ last January so that I could make writing my only career, I had the first of several family emergencies strike. It was a challenge to simply keep writing at all - and I did stumble a few times from the stress and therefore missed release dates - but as I no longer had a day job, I had no choice but to power through. Ironically, had I not already quit my job with another source of income in place - I would've been screwed. The initial emergency required me to leave home and go to another state. I estimated I'd be gone for two weeks. It turned into four and a half months.

I never would've been able to take my old job with me the way I was able to take my laptop and a thumb drive and set up business 24 hours later a thousand miles away. I'm so grateful that I was in a position to help my family. Had I still been employed, I don't know what I would've done. What a gift that I can make my living doing this!

So, here I am. Nine months after I got that first awful call and I'm finally beginning my journey as a full time writer the way I'd intended. And one of those intentions is to maintain a more engaging blog that includes writing short stories and scenes that will only be available here. Some will be formatted into a free download, others may end up getting expanded into full novels. This will be a way for me to share bonus content with you on characters/worlds I've already created as well as a way for me to try out new ones and see how everyone feels about them. I've already had a request for a 1920's circus performer and ringmaster. I'll share the photo inspiration for that another day.

Which reminds me - aren't I supposed to be talking about something else? Ah, yes. Venetian Skies. This is my short story from the Aim High Anthology at Pride Publishing, and it tells the story of Air Force Test Pilot, Chris and his lost lover, artist Brandon. It's a second chance story and here's my muse for Brandon. Chris describes him as ethereal, as if he'd stepped out of a Botticelli painting.
And an excerpt:

As Brandon gathered his light jacket from the employee closet, he thought that instead of relaxing the way Lorenzo had suggested, he could go through his stuff and decide what to keep and what to toss for his impending departure.
Look forward.
His motorbike was behind the tavern parked in the same spot he’d used for almost two years. He thought he could get around fifteen hundred Euro for his little blue Vespa, although he’d take a thousand to unload it quickly.
He whipped his body around to face Chris. Chris stood in the glow of the old yellow spotlight that was mounted above the back door of the bar. His hands were shoved in the pockets of his jacket, his brow furrowed as if he was in pain. Brandon felt odd, as if his body was no longer solid and he wasn’t entirely sure how he was able to hold himself upright.
“C-Chris. I…”
I what?
He snapped his mouth shut. It was best to let Chris take the lead. The only time he’d ever defied Chris was when he’d refused to commit to him, to admit that their love was real, vital. He shook, his body vibrating uncontrollably. It’d been the worst mistake he’d ever made.
Chris advanced on him, the shadows playing across his face until he was close enough for Brandon to see the worry there.
“What is it, angel? Why are you shaking like that?”
Brandon’s knees buckled and Chris grabbed him, brought him close, wrapping him in the safety of his arms.
“Is this…? Are you for real?” Chris had been justifiably furious with him the last time they’d spoken.
Chris pulled him in for a hug, one hand cradling his head, the other stroking his back in a soothing gesture.
“Yes, Brandon.” Chris’ voice was soft, comforting. “Walk with me down Via Quoi. It’s quiet.” Chris chuckled, the sound rumbling in his chest, jerking Brandon’s cock to life. “I doubt we’ll run into anyone either of us knows along that dark road.”
“We could go to my place instead.” He felt Chris tense. “It would be warmer. More comfortable.”
“Do you still get herbal tea from that funny old lady who has the farm down on Via Pirano?”
Brandon was impressed. “You can still remember all that, where things are?”
Chris brushed his lips, barely touching, along Brandon’s forehead, his warm breath heating Brandon’s cool skin.
“I remember everything. Every small detail from when I was here.”
Brandon dared to clutch at Chris, to wrap his fingers in the nylon fabric of his jacket as if he could hang onto him forever.
Don’t let this night be cruel.
If you'd like to grab your copy of Chris and Brandon's story, you can get it at:

Until next time! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Letting Him Have His Way - Seductive Studs #SedStuds #gay #LGBT #mm #snippets #NSFW

Hey everyone, it's time for your weekly Seductive Stud. I just turned in Searching for Shelter (Sin City Uniforms 6) which for those of you following the series, features Rich's HEA. Yes, Rich finally gets a boyfriend! *gasp* Diego happens to work for LVMPD Search and Rescue so he's very understanding about the time Rich puts in at the LGBTQ teen shelter. But I thought for this week's Seductive Stud's blog hop, I'd share an unedited snippet from their first time together:

Diego shut off the engine and Rich opened the passenger side. He hopped from the Jeep and Diego had his arms wrapped around his torso before his feet had even hit the ground. Diego used his hands on him possessively, kneading his flesh as he captured Rich’s lips, pressing him against the vehicle. Rich relaxed into Diego’s hold, let him have his way.
Their dicks were aligned perfectly, their height almost the same. Rich ground into Diego’s crotch, an unspoken reassurance that Rich wanted him, needed him. Diego snapped his hips, the subsequent thrust hitting his leaking tip. He gasped, sensation dancing up his spine.
He lifted one leg to wrap around Diego’s waist, using the other to give him leverage as he shamelessly rutted against him. They clutched and grabbed each other, the urgency of their love play building. Diego broke the kiss, but kept licking and nibbling Rich’s face, down his throat then to his ear. Rich moaned, desperately seeking skin, but unable to free Diego’s shirt from his jeans. All he could do was slide his hands along the hard planes of Diego’s broad back, marvel at the solid muscle of his arms, his torso, his everywhere.
Diego’s cock was full and hard, big. It’d been so long, but Rich knew Diego would take care of him, wouldn’t hurt him. Diego let out what sounded like a pained groan. He stopped grinding, but kept his crotch pressed to Rich. He placed one hand at Rich’s back then used the other to hold Rich’s jaw. Diego held him still, his grip firm as he gazed into Rich’s eyes.
“My God. You’re so beautiful.” Diego scraped his teeth along Rich’s lower lip, tugging on it before letting go. “I’m gonna do things to you. Really good things. I want you to have more pleasure than you ever thought possible.”
Rich couldn’t speak. He could barely breathe. All that existed for him was Diego and what their bodies could share.
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