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Michael & Javier (Part 5) Hampton Road Club #FreeStory #gay #BDSM #NSFW #historical #romance

Hi everyone - I'm on time this week - yay! This week I'm continuing with Michael's punishment in Javier's room at Hampton Road. You'll also get a glimpse of things from Javier's POV. As always, if you need to get caught up or to remember where the story left off, check the Free Stories tab above for the previous installments. Now here's more of Michael and Javier. Enjoy!

Javier gazed down at Michael, in love with him more than ever. A flush bloomed under the skin of his tear-streaked face, his pale green eyes wide and adoring. Javier knew that Michael probably loved him too, but he hesitated to take their relationship any further. As it was, Javier had already crossed an unspoken line by allowing himself to become involved with a man who worked under him.
Saul would be greatly disappointed. Likely fire us both if he found out.
Seeking out Michael had been very unprofessional of him. The owner of the Hampton Road Club had always stressed to Javier, that in his capacity as head of staff, Javier needed to remain professional in order to manage everyone effectively. But Javier had recognized the ache in Michael’s eyes, the need in the way he held his body with so much tension. From the moment he’d spied the dark-haired, pale-skinned young man, Javier had been lost to him.
I can’t take the risk that Michael would pay because of my selfish desires.
Even if Javier was forced out, it would be nothing compared to the anguish he’d experience if Michael were to be let go. After hearing Michael’s story, Javier’s only wish from that moment forward had been to keep him safe and protected. He never wanted Michael to be without a nice roof over his head or decent food to eat. Javier would make certain that Michael never suffered from being cast aside again.
This has to be the last time. I’ve let this go on for much too long.
He’d seek out Saul’s advice as to who he might recommend to help Michael with his ingrained need to submit to a Dominant man. His gut clenched at the thought of another man’s touch on his boy, but he had to think of what was best for Michael’s future.
“Such a patient, submissive boy.” He swallowed down the emotion building in his throat. “You’d make any Master happy.”
Michael’s brow furrowed. “Thank you, Sir. You’re so kind to me. Forgive my impudence, but you’re the only Master I wish to make happy.”
“Quiet!” He hated himself for pushing Michael away, but he had no choice. “Did I give you permission to speak, boy?”
“N-no, Sir. You didn’t.”
“Then perhaps you need something to keep your mouth busy.”
Javier presented his softening cock to Michael, rubbed the beads of early spend that he’d already leaked when hard across Michael’s full bottom lip. He pushed away the thoughts of losing Michael and focused his attention on where it needed to be at that moment.
His boy.
As he swiped the spongy head of his dick around Michael’s mouth, his length filled again, hardening completely. There was nothing more beautiful than Michael’s lips wrapped around Javier’s steeled flesh.
“Take it, boy.”
Javier surged his hips forward, sliding into the wet heated cavern of Michael’s mouth, the rasp of his boy’s tongue on the underside of his shaft before it teased his glans, tightening his balls almost instantly. He fisted a handful of Michael’s hair again, held him fast as he fucked Michael’s face. He’d trained Michael to swallow and suck, and he was damn good at it.
“That’s it. Take it all the way in. Show me how much you love my cock going down your throat.”
Javier picked up the pace of his fucking, Michael opening up to him with each thrust. Michael worked harder to take in air through his nose, but he didn’t choke. He didn’t grab Javier or hold on to keep his balance. He just accepted Javier’s dick as it was shoved past Michael’s gag reflex.
Javier’s climax ripped through him and he froze, grabbing Michael’s head between his hands and holding him still as he pumped his seed down Michael’s throat. As he softened, he let his sated member fall from Michael’s lips, allowed him to lap up the remaining cum that dribbled out of his slit.
Gazing down at Michael, Javier drank in the sight of the beautiful young man as he nuzzled his crotch. The evidence of tears remained, but Michael’s expression contained nothing but joy as he rubbed his face into Javier’s groin and against his limp shaft. Before he’d realized he’d been doing it, he found himself stroking Michael’s head, carding his fingers through his lush hair.
His stomach sank at his own weakness. How could he let Michael go?
What am I going to do? 

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Men Loving Men Mondays ~ Comfort #gay #love #photos #MenLovingMen

I missed last week because I'm finally getting settled into my new office - but more on that later. Here are a couple photos that remind me of how important it is to have the comfort and love of your partner. I'll see you Wednesday for more Michael & Javier :-)

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Michael & Javier (Part 4) From Hampton Road #gay #BDSM #NSFW #historical #romance #freestory

Umm...It's still Wednesday in Hawaii! Truthfully, I'm getting used to my new writing schedule that allows specific times for writing versus blogging versus social media versus promo... well, you get the idea. But here it is, Part 4 of Michael and Javier's story. Remember, the other parts are available under the Free Stories tab if you need to catch up. And now, it's time for Michael's punishment:

Michael exhaled on a long sigh. Too soon, Javier had removed his hand then made his way to the other side of the large suite, out of Michael’s visual range. The creak of the door to the cabinet that held Javier’s implements of pain and pleasure caused the throb in Michael’s dick to pulse harder, the ache in his balls to deepen. Michael knew what wondrous treasures the seemingly innocuous piece of furniture held.
“Crawl for me, Michael. Demonstrate to me that you’ve offered your complete submission, that you willingly give control of your body to me,” Javier took the slightest of pauses as he seemingly drew in air, “and to me alone. Hands and knees to the ottoman then drape yourself over it. Be quick.”
“Yes, Sir.”
His voice was clear, definite. He did as Javier commanded, but the swing of his cock and the tightness of his sac slowed him. He winced. His need was so high that he feared he wouldn’t have the willpower to keep from spending before he’d received his Sir’s permission.
Michael shrieked, pitching forward the instant the switch hit his ass. The whoosh then sharp crack of the thin, flexible whip had barely registered before a fiery sting was left in its wake.
“Pick yourself up, boy.”
The whip snapped again, catching him on his upper thighs and causing another searing pain, this one with more burn to it. He scurried to his hands and knees, his ass more available to Javier’s onslaught. The next stripe landed between the first two, a portion of the impact vibrating to his hole. He gritted his teeth, hissing as tears squeezed from his eyes, yet his shaft remained rigid and his balls tightened again. The sharp strikes had only hardened him more.
“Don’t keep me waiting, move faster. You’ll only increase the stripes I lay on your body.”
Please. I want you to. I want to see you imprinted on my flesh even when I’m not with you.
His face heated with shame. He was being punished for questioning Javier’s judgment when Javier had taught him everything. He shouldn’t be thinking of it as a treat.
I’m here to please him. Make him happy.
Michael cried out as the branch snapped on his skin. He grasped for the edge of the leather ottoman then launched himself forward, ignoring the burn on his bare knees from the wool carpet. After positioning himself the way he knew Javier preferred - his head resting on his folded arms, but his ass pushed up high – he stilled. It wasn’t appropriate for him to wish for praise, yet whenever Javier gave it, he treasured the sentiment more than even his physical release with the Dominant man.
“Good boy.”
His heart stuttered. He wouldn’t ruin the moment by losing his focus.
“Do you know why you’re being punished, Michael Eamonn Carlisle?”
“Yes, Sir. I do.”
Michael was careful not to add to the answer. Javier had only asked him one thing. He’d learned the hard way that elaborating wasn’t how a good boy displayed true submission.
“Nicely done. And why is it that you’re being corrected?”
“Because I questioned your judgment, Sir.”
Michael hissed at the unexpected touch of Javier’s hand on the welts that he was sure had risen on his skin. The heat was like a furnace between his body and Javier’s palm. Javier rubbed slow circles across the fleshy part of Michael’s backside, his fingertips ghosting along Michael’s crack. Surely he wouldn’t be allowed the pleasure of being filled after behaving as if he knew better than Javier?
The touches disappeared and Michael awaited his fate.
“Count with me, boy. Five more then you get a reward.”
Michael worked hard to control his expression. He needed to remain accepting, compliant. No matter how surprised he was at Javier’s words, he couldn’t show it.
He yelled it out, the word practically ejected from him from the force of Javier’s first strike. The subsequent smack was harder than the first.
Michael took deep breaths, the sweat on his brow building, his body shivering as if he was freezing, but he couldn’t imagine how that could be possible.
“Three…oh God.”
“You get another for added words. Counting only.”
Javier’s voice had been a monotone, it’s held no anger. However, Michael still felt disappointment in himself.
He screwed his eyes shut against the pain, as if it would somehow be made more bearable because he couldn’t see anything else.
One more. Take it for him. For Javier.
He’d grunted it out, his breath coming in fast pants, the sweat now dripping down his face in slow rivulets. He started at the sensation of Javier’s hand as it touched his shoulder.
“Shh, you’re all right. You’re safe here with me. You did a wonderful job, boy. I’m very proud of you.”
His lip trembled, tears building in his eyes.
Proud? Javier is proud?
Javier stroked the top of his head, making shushing noises. It was then that Michael realized, to his horror, that the tears had fallen and were streaming down his face.
“Does my good boy want my cock for his reward?”
Oh God. He licked his lips, his words hitching as he struggled to regain his composure. “Yes, Sir.” He’d barely breathed it out. “May I please have your cock?”
Javier’s touch disappeared then Javier himself appeared in his line of vision, stopping right in front of him.
“Lift your head and prop yourself up on your elbows. Let me see your eyes.”
Michael did as he was told, a sharp thrill coursing through him as their gazes met. Javier wore only his white silk robe, the thin, shiny fabric a striking contrast against Javier’s brown skin. Javier cupped Michael’s chin, using his thumb to stroke his chin. There was a brief moment where Michael thought he might see Javier smile, then it passed.
Javier let go then pulled the end of the sash around his robe. The tie fell away, the garment opening to reveal Javier’s impressive erect cock nestled in an abundance of black curls. His balls were heavy and hanging low. Javier gripped his shaft, presenting it to Michael so that the scarlet tip, beaded with moisture, was a mere two inches from Michael’s lips. A whimper tumbled out of his mouth before he could prevent it.
“Not until I give you permission, boy.”

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Michael & Javier (Part 3) From Hampton Road #gay #BDSM #FreeStory #NSFW #historical

Here it is! Better late than never, right? When we last left off, Michael had been sent upstairs to Javier's master suite at Hampton Road and Javier has just joined Michael, but he's not pleased with Michael's presentation. If you need a reminder or would like to catch up, the first two parts of their story are located under the Free Stories tab at the top of the page. Now here's Part 3:

Was it true? Did Javier truly believe that Michael’s feelings were important? It was too crazy of a notion to believe, but he didn’t have time to muse it over. Javier still held the locks of his hair in a tight grip and his severe expression alone demanded that Michael obey his every dictate. He shuddered from the thrill.
After several long moments where Javier scrutinized him, he finally gave a slow nod. “Good.” He let go of Michael then straightened. “And let me reiterate that failure to keep me informed of both your physical and emotional wellbeing from now on is subject to severe punishment.” Javier inhaled deeply through his nose. “And I promise you that it won’t be one you enjoy. Now.” Javier shrugged off the formal jacket he wore as part of his ensemble at the club. “I’ll be showering. You’re to remain kneeling where you are, perfect position, and I want to see that cock hard and dripping when I return. We’ll speak more later after I’ve given you the reprimand that I know you crave.”
Javier left the room and Michael stayed still, didn’t breathe. He’d behave perfectly for his Javier. Water filled his eyes.
Not mine.
How could he be so presumptuous? Besides the obvious fact that Javier was a sophisticated man, held a prestigious position at an elegant club – Michael was from a poverty filled, uneducated background. His parents had abandoned him when he was fourteen after which he’d stayed with his uncle’s family. But they’d hated and mistreated him - he was a burden to their already large brood. By the time he’d turned sixteen, it’d reached the point where he was practically their slave in order to have a roof over his head and whatever leftover food they allowed him to have.
So he ran away from the small Oklahoma town, taking menial labor jobs and working his way across country until he’d finally landed in Los Angeles.  When Javier had come across him, he’d reached the age of twenty-three and had just been fired from his job as a dishwasher for accidentally breaking a dish. He’d been down to his last few cents, his former employer keeping the pay he would’ve received at the end of his shift to cover the cost of the plate.
He wasn’t sure what made Javier approach him that day where he’d sat slumped on a bench in Echo Park, but when Michael gazed into the deep brown eyes of Javier, he was immediately lost to him. Javier was tall, lean, held his body in a regal manner. His skin was inviting, the hue reminding him of buttery caramel, his voice refined and assured. He would’ve done anything Javier asked of him from the very first moment of their acquaintance.
After Javier inquired of him what his troubles were, Michael had inexplicably opened up to the man, had bared his soul. The only thing worse in Michael’s world, other than the struggle to survive, was his crushing loneliness. After his awful tale had been told, he was certain that the beautiful, and obviously well-to-do man, would wish him well then walk out of his life forever. Instead, he’d offered him a job. Michael had been living and working at Hampton Road ever since.
The best year and a half of my life.
But the final reason he knew that he wasn’t the sole focus of Javier’s attention, was that he’d never been invited to stay in Javier’s bed for the night. It was obvious that Javier must dally with whichever available man he took a shine to, but occasionally took Michael when no other submissive was available. There were plenty of hours when the club was closed that Javier had been nowhere to be found. He hadn’t been brazen enough to knock on his closed door to see if he was there, or to ask one of the staff if they knew whether he’d gone out for the day. Ultimately, he didn’t know what sort of lover Javier preferred, but it obviously wasn’t someone like him.
Javier had never fucked him, held him close or kissed him. He’d demanded many perversions of Michael of which Michael had happily provided, but there was an invisible barrier that had never been crossed between them. It was the one that would show Michael that Javier cared for him beyond the new life and training he’d been offered as well as the occasional sexual release.
His dick remained annoyingly soft, his melancholy musings doing nothing to perk him up. Screwing his eyes shut, he brought to mind the last time he and Javier had been together. He didn’t always touch Michael sexually, but the previous Sunday… He sighed. It’d been exquisite.
Javier had bound him as he lay on his back, his legs pulled all the way up, knees bent, his hole lewdly exposed. His arms had been on the outside of his thighs, wrists tied to his ankles. It’d placed his knees almost to his ears and kept him securely in the restrictive position. Javier had completed his imprisonment by wrapping copious amounts of jute rope around his limbs until Michael was secured, unable to move in the slightest.
It’d been amazing, Javier had made him fly. He’d decried the fact that his joints would eventually feel the strain, that he couldn’t remain trapped for very long without the sensation turning from thrilling to uncomfortable. He was fortunate that Javier understood the limitations of time, so he hadn’t wasted it. Once Michael was properly bound, Javier had slicked him up after which he’d been impaled with one of the many stone phalluses that Javier kept in his private collection.
The object had been thick and long, bigger than any Javier had used on him before. He’d soothed Michael, whispered words of encouragement as he’d worked the dildo into his body. Javier had caressed his bare ass with gentle touches, praise falling from his lips once Michael had taken the fake dick all the way inside his body.
His cock swelled, the memory bringing a flush to his skin, the moment when Javier had forced a climax from him almost making him come in the present. His eyes flew open and his crisis was averted. He took slow, deep breaths the way Javier had taught him. A smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. He’d done it. He was erect with beads of early spend on the tip of his rigid column of flesh, one fine string beginning to trail off the end.
“Ah, there’s a beautiful sight.”
Michael’s breath hitched, but he kept his gaze trained on the carpeted floor. Javier laid his hand softly on Michael’s head. “Very nicely done, boy. Now it’s time for your punishment.”

I'll make sure to post Part 4 on Wednesday for Freebie Hump Day - pinky swear!

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Star Power ~ Seductive Studs #gay #sexy #actors #snippet #SedStuds

Hey everyone! I promise I'll have an extended installment of Michael and Javier's story this weekend. Got caught up in a deadline, but now Hampton Road 5 is done. That's a good thing, right? ;-)

For this week's Seductive Studs snippet, I thought I'd share from my upcoming short story in ARe Books' Infamous collection. Star Power tells the tale of film star Adrien Fury and his long time agent, Harrison Langford. Even though they both have feelings for each other, they've always kept them secret. Since Harrison is so private and seemingly unemotional, Adrien can't figure Harrison out. In this scene, they're discussing the sad state of Adrien's career.

Don't forget to check out the other seductive snippets after Star Power!

Star Power

Harry arched his eyebrows. “Something you’d like to say?”
“No. Go on. Rip me to shreds. The press certainly has.” Adrien gave a humorless chuckle. “Why should my closest ally be any different?”
A cloud passed over Harry’s face. Adrien couldn’t place it. He’d never seen the expression from Harry before.
“I’m not ripping you to shreds. You’re an exceptionally gifted actor, but sadly, in the entertainment business that isn’t enough. It also doesn’t guarantee that every single performance you give is going to be the height of brilliance. Deal with it.”
“So you’ve said a thousand times.”
“Will it take me saying it a thousand more times for you to finally grasp the concept?”
Adrien crossed his arms angrily. “Well.” He really needed to expand his vocabulary.
Harry sighed. Adrien had never heard him do it around anyone else but him during their long association together.
I wonder if he does it when he’s alone with a lover. Does he moan, kiss with abandon, call out his lover’s name when he comes?
“Jesus.” He flushed, shifting in his chair again.
“Feel the need to pray?”
Adrien scowled. “Funny. But I’d rather hear you elaborate on what went wrong, then help me make a decision on how to move forward so I can get my career back on track.”
Harry narrowed his eyes. “Have you ever thought about hiring a manager?”
“And I’ve told you no to that a thousand times. I only want you.” His face heated even more. This meeting is going to hell. “For guidance.” He couldn’t sit still in his damn chair. “For my career, I mean.”
Harry was back to staring at him as if he was a science project and Adrien thought about slapping him. Maybe that’s what he gets off on? Adrien groaned.
Can’t get hard, can’t get hard, can’t get hard.
“Feeling ill?”
“Yes. I am. The state of my career makes me sick. I need help, Harry. Please. I’m begging, okay?”

A slight curl tugged at the corner of Harry’s mouth. On Harry, the action was practically hysterical laughter. “Since you’ve asked so nicely and it just so happens that you’re my favorite client, I’ll give you your wish.”

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Embracing the Sensual - Men Loving Men Mondays #gay #love #romance #photos

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's celebration! I know I did, but now it's time to get back to working hard. I'm taking a quick break from finishing up Hampton Road 5 to bring you some sensual and loving photos for Men Loving Men Mondays. I'll see you Wednesday for the next part of Michael and Javier's story. In the meantime - enjoy!

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New Year's from Tarnished Glitter for Seductive Studs #gay #lgbt #historical #romance #1920s #SedStuds

Hey all! Since we're celebrating the New Year, I felt compelled to share a New Year's Eve snippet from Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3). Bear in mind that this series is set in the 1920's. Now for this scene, Jack and Roman are celebrating their first New Year's Eve together. Roman is a silent film screen idol and Jack is newly a star. However, Jack is much more sensitive and is having a difficult time adjusting to his status, as well as to Roman's obsessive jealousy.

Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3)

It was almost eight-thirty.
Where the fuck is Jack?
Roman had been tolerating his party for over an hour, and couldn’t stop thinking about where Jack might be, and what was taking him so long. So far, Maude had been the only person whose company he could even tolerate. She was smart and witty, and just as disgusted by Global Pictures Studios as he was. If he had to pretend to have a woman at his side, he was proud that it was her. In addition to everything else, she had an elegance and grace to her that he admired.
Roman continued to scan the crowd and motioned for Hector to come over.
Roman leaned in to whisper in Hector’s ear. “Have you seen Jack yet? He was supposed to come over here so that I could welcome him to the party.”
“He has only just arrived, sir. He seems to be having some difficulty. His stomach, I believe? Juan was giving him some soda water, and Miss Sebastian was waiting by the car the last I saw them.”
Roman’s stomach clenched. His dearest Jack was ill, and he wouldn’t even be allowed to go to him. He was filled with rage, and had no outlet for it in the middle of the holiday gathering.
“Then why are you fucking standing here? Go and make sure everything is all right!”
Roman would have to get Juan alone later and find out exactly what had happened. He didn’t think the studio hounds would object if he spoke with his own chauffeur. Juan had always been very helpful when it came to keeping Roman informed on what was going on with Jack. In truth, Roman had assigned Juan to drive Jack around so that he would always have someone there that could assure Roman that Jack was exactly where he should be at all times. Roman knew he was being unnecessarily paranoid—Jack had never given him any reason to doubt—but it gave Roman peace of mind that he never had to worry about where Jack was. Juan continually assured him that Jack merely went to and from the studio, and nowhere else.
Yet, I still worry.
And now something had happened to his sweet Jack, and he had to stand there like an idiot surrounded by even bigger idiots, and wait to find out if Jack was okay.
Then he saw him. Jack seemed pale, but still beautiful. He couldn’t tell who was clinging to whose arm, but Louise looked good standing next to him. At last their eyes met, and Roman breathed a sigh of relief. Even from across the room, Roman could see Jack’s face light up and his carriage straighten a little as their eyes locked. 
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