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Dare to Hope ~ An All Cocks Story Blog Tour & Giveaway! #gay #menage #romance #newrelease @TTCBooksandmore

Dare to Hope
 an All Cocks Story book 4
Virtual book tour

Tristan is the second oldest of the Brennan brothers and the odd man out. Most of the Brennan men have careers in law enforcement, but as a psychiatrist, Tristan chooses to help people in a different way. Quiet and restrained, he is content to hover in the background of his more gregarious brothers. Then he meets two men, each broken and damaged from losses beyond their control. 

Gabriel Simenson is mourning his lover’s death. The random act of violence that took Gio’s life has left everyone at All Cocks reeling. The only thing keeping Gabe from drowning in misery is the friendship he’s forged with Micah, the newest model at All Cocks. He continues to struggle, and at the urging of his All Cocks family Gabe agrees to counseling with Tristan under one condition: Micah t go with him. 

Micah Solo can relate to unbearable loss, having lost his leg and so much more in Iraq. The past two years he has been alone, adrift and vulnerable — the memories of war haunting his dreams, spilling over into his daily life. At All Cocks, Micah has found the acceptance he craves and the family he lost, but still he yearns for happiness and peace within. 

The friendship between the three is instant, the mutual attraction evident. They circle each other, wanting more, yet unsure if it is truly possible. Is life the mundane reality they’ve each come to accept for themselves or do they dare to hope? 

The All Cocks Stories is a series set within the world of online gay porn. 
*Warning* Micah’s PTSD is told in detail, including flashbacks to his time in Iraq. 

Grab your copy now! 

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A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.

Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!

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A Sexy Stripper for Seductive Studs #SedStuds #gay #bisexual #romance

Hi everyone! So Strip Search (Sin City Uniforms 7 ) came out this week - yay! It's hit the bisexual romance charts at Amazon and is #19 at All Romance, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. It's been one of those weeks where I could some extra good feels, so for those of you who gave it a chance and picked up a copy - you rule!

For Seductive Studs this week, I'm going to share an extra sexy excerpt from Strip Search. This is from Dakota and Reed's first encounter:

Once Dakota turned the knob, Reed gave the door a push, stepping over the threshold as he did. He searched around with his hand for a light switch while keeping his eyes forward. Dakota’s fingers ghosted over his before the room was illuminated. He took in the surroundings while checking each room to make sure they were actually alone.
Reed stepped back into the main area. “We’re good. Lock us up.”
Dakota let out an audible sigh, then rushed to do as Reed had asked. “Oh God. I don’t think I’ve breathed since we got here.”
“Should I be ready to catch you again?”
Dakota sidled up to him. “Maybe.”
Reed stumbled back from the force of Dakota’s unexpected kiss. His mouth was hot and sweet, his tongue seeking every part of Reed’s own as he deepened his exploration. He hadn’t kissed a man since Mark, but he grabbed Dakota, pulling him closer. It was different with a man. The strength each of them had, the scrape of stubble against skin, the masculine scent and taste.
Reed fed a groan into Dakota’s mouth as he took over their exchange, caressing and kneading Dakota’s body as he did. The moment Dakota submitted to him spiked his need. His cock filled, pressing uncomfortably against his jeans, and he directed Dakota toward the couch. Dakota let Reed push him down on the sofa and Reed followed him down.
Random pieces of clothing, throw pillows and a magazine or two littered their playground, but since Dakota didn’t seem to care, Reed ignored them as well. All that mattered was his need to feel Dakota’s naked flesh against his own.
For more Seductive Studs, head on over here:  

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Strip Search (Sin City Uniforms 7) Out Now! #gay #bisexual #romance #newrelease

Hello all! Today is the release day for Strip Search, the 7th installment in the Sin City Uniforms series. This story introduces two new characters to the group of men who've made up the Sin City world so far. There's Reed, a hunky patrol cop who does know the men at the shelter and who also knows Cole. However, this is the first time he's appeared in any of the books. Dakota, a young dancer who strips to earn money for his expensive aerial dance classes, is completely new to everyone. When his thirteen year-old brother goes missing, Dakota's search for him brings him to the LGBTQ teen shelter. Fate intervenes, and that's how Dakota meets Reed.

In addition to Donny, Dakota's brother, there's Kelli, Reed's fourteen year-old daughter. I rarely write about children in my books. It wasn't until I began working on Strip Search and was in the middle of writing the scene with Kelli and Reed on a camping trip that it struck me. I'm not sure why this is, and I won't say that it'll suddenly become a constant new theme for me, but I did enjoy the different dynamic of adding in young family members. The connection between these two men is very strong, and while they may seem very different from each other, one thing joins them that no other lover has been able to provide. The understanding of the importance of family and the responsibility to that family.

Here's part of the scene from around the campfire:

Kelli nodded, her mood abruptly shifting again. “So, you really don’t think I’m fat?”
If his head could spin, it would’ve. “What on earth are you talking about?”
She shrugged one shoulder. She’d stopped warming her hands and had switched her attention to drawing in the dirt with a small twig. “Just this guy at school. I like him a lot, and we always talk and laugh a lot in shop, but I overheard him telling another guy that he’d never ask me out because I’m too fat.”
Reed stifled an enraged response. Instead, he attempted to come across as matter-of-fact. “Then he’s an idiot.” Not quite as reasonable as I’d intended.
Dad. You’re just saying that because I’m your daughter and you don’t like girls that way anyway. So how would you know what straight guys like?”
She might as well have slapped him. He shook his head as he tried to process what she’d said.
“Whoa. Wait a minute. I’m not just saying that because I’m your dad. In addition, I do like girls that way, despite what you think.”
She scrunched her eyebrows as she considered him. “Then why were you kissing your friend Mark back when he used to come over all the time?”
He dropped his head in his hands. They’d always been so careful and Mark had never stayed over when he’d had Kelli with him. The fact that he had a kid was a big contributor to their break-up, but he’d never let Kelli know that.
He took a deep breath then straightened. “I never meant for you to see us like that.”
“Because you’re ashamed to be gay?”
Reed shook his head vehemently. “No. Not at all. I never meant for you to see that because you were ten years old, my daughter, and if Mark had been a woman I still wouldn’t have kissed him, I mean her, in front of you. Not unless I was sure that he,” He smacked his forehead, “Or she, might be the one.” He sighed.  “Dammit.”
Kelli snorted out a giggle.
“What I’m trying to say, yet doing an abysmal job of it, is that I’m bisexual. Not gay.”
“Ohhhh. I don’t think mom realizes that.”
He was afraid to ask. “What makes you say that?”
“Well, I overheard her telling Jerry that it was the reason you guys got divorced.”
His gut clenched, but he didn’t want to let on that he was upset in any way with her mother. “Well, she must’ve had a reason for saying that.” He cleared his throat, the tension becoming awkward between them. Never used to happen. “And anyway, you sure manage to overhear and see a lot of stuff, snoopy.” He gave her a good-natured jostle with his elbow.
“Whatever. I can’t help it if people are bad at hiding things.”
“Uh-huh. Sure.” He winked at her. “Just so you know, though, I have nothing to hide from you, okay?”
“Thanks, Dad.” She smiled right before it morphed into a frown. He didn’t remember teenage-dom being so exhausting. “But…I was thinking I should go on a diet so Greg might ask me out.”
Reed groaned. He idly wondered if teenage boys were any easier to raise. “You’re not fat. You’re curvy. And you’re very beautiful, fun and smart. I must reiterate – he’s an idiot. I’m not against you wanting to eat healthier food instead of going after fast food and other junk, but not to lose weight. You’re still growing, sweetie. It’s not a good idea to do something like that at your age.”
“Gah! Why can’t I be all thin and blonde like Sierra? It’s so unfair. All the guys want her.”
Reed wasn’t sure how much more comfortable he’d be if they continued on the same track as their current conversation was on. “And they probably want her for the wrong reasons.” He cleared his throat. “Your mom’s talked to you about, you know, being careful?”
“Uh, yeah. Like a hundred years ago.”
He sighed audibly. He needed to have a little chat with Serena about what she’d said. Not that it was any of his business what his ex-wife told friends or boyfriends, but if his daughter was involved, he had a say. It did hurt him however. They’d broken up for many reasons, but not one of them had been his attraction to men. At least I don’t think so. It bothered him that she might think that.
“Sooooo…” Kelli still played with the twig, tracing it around the dirt in circles and squiggles. “Whatever happened to Mark, anyway?”
Nope. Not going there. “Our heads weren’t in the same place when it came to what we both wanted out of life.”
“Okay.” She gave him a look of annoyance. “Whatever that means.”
“It’s hard to explain, sweetie. He just didn’t want to take on too many responsibilities and I viewed things differently. Mark wanted a more carefree lifestyle then I was willing to embrace.”
She wrinkled her nose. “Sorry.”
“It’s fine. I wasn’t in love, and after we stopped seeing each other, I understood why. We were just two people who weren’t on the same page.”
Strip Search is available now:
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Rainbow Book Fair Wrap Up! #LGBT #BookFair #NewYork #gay

Yeah, I know. It's been a week since the book fair, and wow, I had no idea that much time had passed until I sat down to write this. My back thinks it was just like yesterday - lol. I have to say, I really, really enjoy this event. I love the diversity of it and that it focuses on all types of literature.

I wasn't sure how the fair would go this year (this was the eighth one, but only the second I've attended) because instead of being in a bustling area in a hotel banquet room like last year, it was at the John Jay Criminal College off the beaten path. You had to go through security to even get into the building, then travel down an extensive hallway to elevators that took you up a floor or two. It wasn't very user-friendly (especially when loading and unloading books and display items!) There also wasn't the slightest chance you'd get traffic from people wandering by and there weren't even any indicators on the outside that anything was happening on the inside.

But alas, whether or not we would have garnered extra foot traffic, I was wrong about attendance. There was plenty of steady traffic over the course of the 6 hours the fair was open, and it's the best event I've ever attended as an author in terms of sales and interest. I also gave out 25 copies of a sci-fi/dystopian/BDSM novella that was snapped up during the first half of the fair.
Celebrating after the fair at historic Stonewall with several authors/readers (from left) LaQuette, Maggie Johnson, me, TM Smith, AE Via, Victoria Sue, Wendy Soto, Kizzy Williams and Kade Boehme in the front!

I would like to mention, though, that I never, ever, ever go to an event expecting to make a profit. Of course I want to sell books to readers who want copies, and sometimes (as was the case last year and this year) find new readers who may not have discovered me otherwise, but the reality is, that book sales only defray a small part of the cost of attending events and cons. I'm completely fine with that. I attend these events because I want to meet some of the authors, readers and bloggers I have relationships with online or get the chance to see the friends I've made from previous events. I want to share with other like-minded people my love of LGBTQ romance and fiction in a relaxed and fun environment. I don't get that opportunity at home.
With author Wade Kelly

My daughters are my only interested supporters, the middle one has read many of my books and enjoys them. She's proud to carry a Morticia Knight tote bag around our small town (one has the banner picture you see above on it) and even her boyfriend has one with the rainbow heart logo. A very nice older woman who noticed it wanted to know if he'd moved to Astoria with his 'life partner'. It wasn't until later that he caught on to what she meant! But I take it as a hopeful sign for this mix and match of liberal and conservatives who I live among.

I would certainly attend the Rainbow Book Fair next year, if my schedule allows it. I plan to cut back on my appearances next year because I have way too many stories in the works, including a bisexual sci-fi/dystopian YA series I've wanted to write for the past five years. I'd rather write more and travel less, but Rainbow would be a top contender for me.

If you get a chance to attend, I would highly recommend the Rainbow Book Fair! Perhaps I'll see you there one day *wink*

Backlist Teaser from Gin & Jazz for Seductive Studs #SedStuds #gay #romance

I'm dreadfully late for this post, but somehow in my addled post Rainbow Book Fair brain, signing up for Seductive Studs meant I'd completed it. Sigh... I thought I'd go back through time and search out a snippet from one of my older offerings. So I bring to you a scene that's a turning point between actor Will and director Andre from the 1920's series Gin & Jazz. This is from their solo book, Casting Call. Be sure to click on the link after the excerpt for some more Seductive Studs offerings.

The men shook hands and with one final pat on André’s back, they were out of Vincent’s office and back into the sunshine. The morning haze that had gathered during the night from the ocean had almost burned off. Will placed his hat on his head, giving it a pat, then winced. André felt a clutching in his chest, a heaviness.
“How is it?”
“Well, old bean, it’s a little tender still. Did I do a good enough job at covering it up?”
He removed the hat and turned his head so that André could see where the injury was.
André sighed. “I can’t tell at all, but I’m more concerned about it getting infected. Did you put more antiseptic on it this morning?”
Will had his eyebrows raised slightly. “I… Well, I was only just at the hospital a few hours back…”
André grabbed the sleeve of Will’s jacket and tugged him towards the soundstage where he kept his own office. It was past the main administrative building and behind another soundstage, so it was the equivalent of walking about three city blocks. He was surprised to hear Will chuckling again.
“I’m not a Labrador, old bean, I promise I won’t run off.”
It was then that he realized he was still clutching Will’s arm as they strolled through the lot. Halting, he let go immediately. Looking at Will, he saw the twinkle in his eye that André was finally able to admit had intoxicated him from the beginning. It was almost as if he’d been punishing himself by insisting that Will was flawed in some way. That he—the great director—should stay serious if he were to be taken seriously. As if fraternizing with someone filled with joy might nullify anything meaningful he could create.
“Well, old bean? I promise I’ll follow wherever you lead.”
His breath hitched at Will’s statement. “André. I’d prefer it if you would call me by my name.”
“Whatever you want. André.”
For more Seductive Studs, head over to HERE 

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Michael & Javier ~ Part 10 #FreeStory #gay #historical #BDSM #romance

When you read this, I will have just returned from what I'm sure will have been an amazing trip to New York and the Rainbow Book Fair. This was my last time to let loose for a while, so I hope I made the most of it *wink*. Check for previous installments under the free stories tab above. Now on to our befuddled boys, Michael and Javier. They're being rather stubborn, don't you think?

Michael & Javier - The Hampton Road Club 

Michael had done his job to the best of his ability all day as well as the previous night, even while his heart bled from the loss of Javier. Every time his thoughts would stray to the man he loved, the man he’d hoped would one day master him, he’d run through the task lists in his head to distract himself form the pain.

Recite the special protocol for the orgy to every member as they arrive. If a guest inadvertently appears at the club who isn’t participating in the orgy, he is to be politely asked to come on another evening. Any problems should be immediately brought to Javier’s…

Tears threatened for perhaps the hundredth time that day. Who could keep count? He simply had to keep up the fight to prevent them from falling.

The knocker sounded, the heavy thud of the twisted iron piece against the solid oak door snapping Michael to attention. If it hadn’t been for Javier’s strict guidance, he would have already come unraveled. He wanted to be grateful for the focus, but by the same token, he wouldn’t have needed it to such an extent if Javier had never come into his life.

Inhaling deeply, he set about his job as greeter. As he swung the door wide, he was met by three very imposing men. Michael was close to six feet tall, but the shortest of the men who stood before him had to be at least six foot two. One was stockier than the rest, but they all cut a striking figure, dressed to the nines complete with top hats. He’d learned never to make assumptions, but he was hard pressed to imagine any of the commanding gentleman taking on the submissive role. He didn’t recognize any of them, but it was possible that they’d been invited solely for the special event.

“Good evening, gentlemen. Welcome to Hampton Road. May I see either your membership card or invites for the evening?”

No one who needed to be photographed was admitted to the orgies. Javier had to remain available at all times throughout the event and it was vital that all resources remain concentrated on the festivities themselves.


The bigger man stepped forward, handing one of the official invitations to Michael. Part of his assignment ahead of time had been to become familiar with the cards in order to be certain that none had been forged. He turned it over in his hands, verifying that it was legitimate. He added it to the pile in the silver tray on the console table. The club couldn’t risk any invites landing in the wrong hands after the party.

“Thank you, sir.” He tried to turn his attention to the next guest, but the man who’d already given his invite stood his ground. He stared down at Michael, an unsettling leer radiating from his eyes.

“You must be Michael. Saul told me all about you.”

Michael couldn’t move, couldn’t utter a word. He’d been propositioned by guests at the door before, even if they knew it was against the rules to approach staff members, but this was…


He cleared his throat, regaining his composure. Even if Saul had said something to the man who towered over him, Michael had never been advised that any of the rules had been changed. In which case, the guest shouldn’t be speaking to him in such a way.

“I’m sorry, sir. But club rules prevent me from having any personal interaction with the guests while I’m on duty.”

“Yes, Barnaby.” One of the other men shoved him aside, pushing closer to Michael. “Trying to get an advantage?” He locked gazes with Michael. “Mmm. Saul was correct. He’s quite beautiful. When are you off-duty, boy?”

“S-sir, I… This… This is hardly…”

“Don’t upset the poor thing.” The third man shoved his way through, his voice gentler than the others, but it still gave Michael no consolation. “You’re only trying to do your job properly, aren’t you dear? You’re obviously a good boy, you ache to please. Am I correct?”

Michael was terrified. He’d never been in such a position before. The whole situation was too overwhelming with all three of them at once. Logically, he was sure they meant him no harm if Saul had invited them as possible candidate to take him on, but still, these men were strangers. More than that, they weren’t Javier.

He struggled to speak, but no words came. They bickered with little heat among themselves, each one proclaiming to the other that he’d be the better master for Michael. He couldn’t stand it any longer. Michael turned from the masters then tugged on the thick, decorative rope hanging from the ceiling. The gong it caused would resound throughout the mansion so that wherever Javier was, he could come immediately to Michael’s aid.

The man called Barnaby regarded Michael again. “Forgive us, Michael. We’ve been quite rude, and it seems, improper.” He smiled as he continued. “You must understand, finding a submissive man to keep is difficult enough, but when one has been recommended by Saul, a man we hold in the highest regard, well. I suppose we got overly excited and ahead of ourselves.”

“I, uh, thank you for explaining things, sir. But I must insist that we keep to the rules.”

“Ah, yes.” The one with the gentler voice spoke. “The rules. Such a good boy.”

“Now, Horace.” Barnaby frowned at him. “That’s enough. We need to leave him to do his job until Saul brings him to meet with us later, privately.

What? Oh God. He placed a hand to his forehead. I won’t survive this night.

The door that led to the mansion’s interior swung wide as Javier rushed in, out of breath. Michael started at the touch of Javier’s hand gripping his shoulder, noting the immediate scowls from the three men in response. They no doubt questioned the familiar touch from another staff member. Michael kept his reaction as tempered as he could, but the circumstances were not the most ideal.

“What seems to be the trouble Michael?”

Barnaby arched his eyebrows. “No trouble. We’ve only just arrived and were giving our invites to your delightful greeter.” He indicated to Michael.

“Michael can speak for himself.”

Javier’s tone was close to a snarl and Michael was not only surprised that he would speak that way in front of a guest, but was a bit shocked by Javier’s words. Since when did he decide I could speak for myself?

Barnaby chuckled. “He certainly can. Michael has made it clear that we aren’t to have any discussions with him now regarding our interest in mastering him. So we’ll wait until we meet with him later when Saul calls us to his study. In the meantime, we’ll leave you both to it.” Barnaby winked at him. “He’s quite the obedient boy, isn’t he?”

Javier’s grip tightened on Michael’s shoulder to the point where he almost cried out.

“Gentlemen. If you would please show Michael your invites then move along?”

Javier finally released Michael, but didn’t move away. The heat from Javier’s body radiated against his own and he resisted the urge to lean back until they touched.

The masters exchanged confused glances with each other then complied with Javier’s demand. Michael was instantly sorry that he’d called for Javier. He was sure Javier’s curt manner would be mentioned to Saul, and even though things had ended badly between them, he loved him too much to wish him ill. What was worse is that it would’ve been because of Michael calling for him.

Once the men had entered the mansion, the next knock at the door sounded and Michael caught a frustrated grunt from Javier. He had the sense that he’d been about to speak with him regarding what had just occurred. Michael couldn’t let the incident pass by without comment, though.

He turned so he could face Javier. “Thank you for your help. I wasn’t aware that they’d… I hadn’t expected…”

Michael frowned. Why was he explaining himself? It wasn’t as if Javier cared whether those men were interested in him as a sub. He was merely responding to protocol being broken.

“Saul didn’t mention them to you beforehand?”

The knock was louder and more insistent. Michael glanced over his shoulder then back at Javier. He stared at Michael as if he hadn’t heard the pounding.

“No, sir. And I know you don’t want me anymore, but I do think I have the right to be informed of something so important to me personally.”

Javier appeared as if he’d been slapped. His head had jerked back, his expression stunned. “You don’t understand. I never… All I meant…” Javier let out a growl. “I was acting in your best interest, Michael. It has nothing to do with me not wanting you. I -”

The pounding on the door started up in earnest right as the gong sounded.

“Fucking hell.”

It was Michael’s turn to be stunned. He’d never heard Javier utter a curse before. Everything was confusion and chaos. He didn’t know what to think anymore. Javier grabbed his arm.

“I have more to say later.”

With one final squeeze of his arm, Javier rushed from the room. Michael struggled to keep his breathing even. How would he last the whole night without going crazy, wondering if his whole world might be turned upside down once the party was over?

How will I wait until then to find out what Javier has to say?

All images licensed for use. Copyright gerasimov.

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Soaring Past Death for Seductive Studs #gay #BDSM #SciFi #Dystopia #romance #SedStuds

Hey everyone - I'm in New York right now for the Rainbow Book Fair. If you happen to be lurking about this freezy Saturday, the fair is at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at 524 W. 59th St. It goes on from 12- 6 and is only a few dollars to get in. There's quite a line-up of LGBTQ authors and publishers, so come check it out. I'll be giving away limited print copies of Soaring Past Death, my excerpt for Seductive Studs today. So get there early! I'll be signing too. :-)

After you've read this snippet, hop on over HERE and scroll down for the links to more seductive snippets!

Soaring Past Death 

The heavy iron door scraped noisily as it opened across the concrete floor. He kept his eyes cast downward as he sat on his heels, shoulders back, hands clasped behind his back in the program stance. The absurdity was that his cock was hardening at the thought of the former lover who had cast him aside entering the room. He wanted to be humiliated by his body’s response, but it would serve him better if he wasn’t. Maintaining an erection as much as possible would be part of what would be expected of him on his assignment.

44 had already practiced enduring the cold. He would be naked the entire time he was on the satellite ship where The Lord maintained his lair. Ruling from Earth was a bad idea for The Scourge’s insane leader— too many humans plotting on him. The male life-form was dumb, but not dumb enough for them to pick off that easily.

Of the almost non-existent intel they’d managed to obtain, one of the details uncovered was that the inside of the space station was frigid and without any type of carpeting or padding covering the metallic floors. 44 had also toughened up his knees before he’d arrived to be trained. Every possible scenario needed to be accounted for. As no pleasure slave had ever survived longer than a week with The Lord, much of what they knew was merely conjecture. Including what the evil fuck looked like.

“Viper 44, welcome to the program. I’m Silverback 13, your trainer.”

Why is he acting like he doesn’t even fucking know who I am?

“Yes, Sir.”

Two can play at this goddamned game.


44’s face drew into a scowl before he could stop himself. His head was yanked back by his hair so hard he lost his balance, throwing one hand down to keep from landing hard on his elbow.

“Any display of emotion in front of The Lord could result in your immediate termination. You stay still when I say so, you speak only when I ask something of you, and you never, ever, react to anything that happens to you.”

13 had growled it right next to his ear, a small burst of spittle landing on the side of 44’s neck.

“Is that clear, soldier?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He’d kept his tone as even and flat as he could.

“I said, Lord.”

That’s when it changed. When he became truly afraid for the first time since he’d become determined to enter the program. 13’s hand still clutched his hair, gripping him tightly, painfully. He wanted it, wanted him, and it could never be. Want spelled disaster— it was an emotion that crippled. Especially when they were bound to a mission from which he would likely never return. Undoubtedly, 13 knew it too.