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Evan Gets Spanked at The Hampton Road Club #SexySnippets #spanking #gay #BDSM

Hey all - I managed to remember to be on time this week - yay! I'll be in New York next weekend for the Rainbow Book Fair, so I'll be an absentee blogger. I have too much going on to even schedule anything ahead. But if you're in the area, I'll be signing books from The Hampton Road Club as well as Sin City Uniforms series. But for now, here's 7 sexy lines from the upcoming release, Mastering Love (The Hampton Road Club 4):

Ned paused to caress Evan’s abused flesh. When he first laid his hand on the hot skin, Evan groaned in such a way that let Ned know the boy had really felt it. He wondered if Evan had stopped himself from crying mercy so as not to disappoint Ned. Then the rutting between his knees began and Ned’s worries vanished.

“Remember, your orgasms are mine.”

Evan instantly stilled. “But you’re so good at that, Sir.”
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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Are You Sexy? Dangerous Wish @MySexySaturday #mm #sexy #fetish #MySexySaturday

Hey everyone - this week's Sexy Saturday theme is Are you Sexy? It's all about that person who everyone thinks is hot, but that person hasn't found that special someone yet. In Dangerous Wish (Uniform Encounters 6), Dan really wants to be the androgynous stunner Jared's special someone  if only he can convince Jared to give him a chance.

Dan turned at the sound of Jared’s voice and gasped. Too late, he realized his jaw had fallen open, so he snapped it shut. Jared’s expression went from hopeful to concerned.
“You hate it.”
Dan clutched his jacket between his fists, practically stuffing it between his legs, biting his bottom lip so he didn’t shoot a load right in his pants. Jared seemed to inspire that in him a lot.
“I-I…Jesus. I fucking love it. You’re so hot.” Dan gulped.
Did I sound too eager? Too frat boy? Too stalkeresque?
A huge grin split Jared’s face and Dan exhaled. It seemed that his words hadn’t offended Jared at all. Or made Jared concerned about being alone with him in his apartment. But he couldn’t take his eyes off the shiny dark purple vinyl…kilt? He wasn’t sure. He’d certainly never seen anything like it in his entire life. Especially not on a guy. It was split on one side so that a lot of leg showed.
He let his gaze wander down Jared’s long limbs, encased sexily in black shimmering stockings. As Jared moved in a slow circle, the vinyl parted a bit more and he inhaled sharply at the peek of a garter near the top of Jared’s thigh.
Oh fuck.
It was the single hottest thing he’d ever seen - which was insane since he’d had no idea until that exact moment that he’d even wanted to see it. But now that he had—it was that which couldn’t be unseen. However, once he spied what Jared wore on his feet, everything changed again. Things had gone from hot to scorching in no time at all. Jared had on patent leather stiletto ankle boots.
Dan swiped at the beads of sweat on his forehead as Jared turned to face him again.
“You’re sure?”
The slightly insecure expression on Jared’s face was so adorable. So fucking sexy like every other square inch of him.
“More than sure. No one will be looking at anyone but you.”
“But in a good way, right? Like in a ‘oh my fucking God he is so amazing way’ and not in a ‘oh my fucking God what does that bitch think she’s doing’ way?”

“Definitely the amazing one.”
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#SexySnippets from Justice Prevails (Sin City Uniforms 3) #gay #romance #novellines

Hey everyone - I just realized it's Sunday! Ridiculous, I know, since obviously it's Easter, but that's how my life has been lately. Sigh... So please forgive me for being outlandishly late for this, but here you go. These 7 sentences are taken from the newly released Justice Prevails (Sin City Uniforms 3). Also, check out the link below for more sexy snippets!

Austin picked at his jeans, scraping a nail across what might’ve been a spot of something, or maybe it was just a darker area of the denim. There wasn’t enough light to tell. He’d softened again and wondered why he couldn’t simply go with it the way he always had. There’d never been a time when Austin had worried what an encounter might mean. He’d always assumed that there wouldn’t be anyone who’d ever want to put up with his obnoxious ass for the long term anyway—even the other obnoxious asses. There was no way someone of Beau’s caliber would ever consider such a thing.
And I shouldn’t either.
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Friday, April 3, 2015

A Long Sexy Time from Justice Prevails (Sin City Uniforms 3) @MySexySaturday #gay #romance #excerpt #MySexySaturday

Yay! Sin City Uniforms 3 (Justice Prevails) is out now! You can get a copy from Amazon HERE or head over to ARe, B & N or Totally Bound if you prefer. The theme for My Sexy Saturday this week is 'A Long Sexy Time'. I'm interpreting that to mean a situation where you've been lusting after someone for a long time, maybe trying to figure out a way to meet them or strike up a conversation. In Justice Prevails, the socially challenged Investigative Technician, Austin, has been wondering about the tall redheaded Detective Beau Williams for quite a while. He runs into him at a bar one night, and desperately tries not to come across too goofy.

Austin could sense the gaze of who he now knew was Homicide Detective Beau Williams trained on him.
Great. He probably thinks I’m a lush.
“Sure. Why the hell not.”
The bartender nodded, smacked the counter then turned to work his libation magic. Since Beau was trapped there until the bartender brought his order, Austin decided to attempt a conversation save.
“Detective Beau Williams, correct?”
Austin adjusted his body to face Beau, leaning against the counter with his elbow on the surface, his drink casually held in one hand. Beau furrowed his brow, no doubt trying to figure out how the slightly disheveled drunk invading his personal space knew him.
“I’m sorry…Remind me?”
Austin held out the hand not clutching the tumbler. “Austin. Austin Kent, IT II from the D.A.’s office. I was the one who brought over the blood evidence files to you from the Deuces Wild Motel killings.” He cleared his throat. “Uh, from about six months ago. There were a couple other times too.”
He’d wondered back then too if the handsome detective preferred men. Beau had been so reserved and professional—his work cloak firmly in place. Austin hadn’t been able to get much of a sense of anything from him. Part of what made Austin excel at his job was his ability to read people—to pick up on their personalities and quirks. Anything that could help him to hunt down a witness desperate to evade being served. His assessment of the detective at the time was that he kept his real self carefully hidden. Austin had also had the urge to peel back that fa├žade. Beau’s ‘strong silent type’ demeanor was an aphrodisiac to him.
That still didn’t tell him if Beau was gay.
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Our Sexy Tomorrow #WIP Rockin' it Forever #MySexySaturday #NSFW #excerpt #gay #romance #rocknroll @MySexySaturday

Hey everyone - this week's My Sexy Saturday theme is 'Our Sexy Tomorrow'. That could be interpreted in a few different ways, but I'm looking at it from the angle of two lovers who are waiting to get back together after some time apart. In my WIP, Rockin' it Forever (the follow-up to Rockin' the Alternative), Aubrey is playing an unplugged gig at the Milan Music Festival and Bryan is in New York tying up some loose ends before heading back to L.A. to be with Aubrey. They're on the phone planning their sexy tomorrow when the talk takes a decidedly heated turn.

“Tell me about it Bry. What do you think about when you’re alone? My hard dick, swollen and full, dripping with need for you? Is that what you picture? Or maybe you recall what it’s like when I lap at your hole with my tongue. When I force it past the tight rim that guards your entrance – when I fuck you with it, tease you…”
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Author Helena Stone & Little Rainbows #MF #BDSM #romance @HelenasHeat @Totally_Bound

I'd like to welcome Helena Stone to the blog today with a glimpse at her wonderful new M/F BDSM title, Little Rainbows. But first, she shares some thoughts on her writing process and the joys of Flash Fiction. Take it away Helena!

Thank you Morticia, I’m delighted Little Rainbows and I have found a home on your blog today. I hope you and your readers will enjoy the excerpt and my thoughts on writing.

It’s hard to write a post about writing feeling at least a bit presumptuous. After all, only eighteen months ago I didn’t even think about writing anything longer than a book review, never mind dream I might ever see my words ‘in print’.
But, I did write that first book and, much to my surprise, didn’t stop writing after Totally Bound Publishing sent me a contract to sign. I had no idea writing would turn out to be addictive, but it did. I now have plot bunnies hopping around in my head and fighting for my attention as well as characters jabbering away when I’m trying to sleep. I have gone from not being sure whether or not I actually had a story in me, to having so many ideas I confuse myself regularly.
Unfortunately I have also discovered that I write best if I can do it without being interrupted too often. When it comes to writing a novel or novella, writing only a few hundred words on any given day doesn’t work very well for me. This means there are times when it makes more sense for me to ignore the works in process.
The flipside of that coin is that I’ve also learned that writing is not dissimilar to my body; if you don’t keep on working the muscles – or in this case the words – they wither away. And trying to regain the strength I’ve lost isn’t nearly as easy as I would like it to be.
The trick, for me, is to keep on writing without committing myself to longer works. I have recently discovered the perfect solution in flash fiction. I started posting a weekly flash on my website last October. What started out as a solo experiment has grown since then. A few weeks ago Brigham Vaughn joined me. We both write a story of no more than five-hundred words based on the same photo, and post simultaneously every Monday.
And we continue to grow. We’ve recently set up a flash fiction group on Facebook where anybody who wants to join us can. There’s no obligation and no pressure. All participants post the link to their flash on the thread on Monday and anybody who is interested can read them. Any member of the group can suggest pictures for us to use as prompts in the future.
The group serves two purposes. First and foremost it is great fun. But secondly, and at least as importantly, it allows us to keep that writing muscle in shape even when we don’t have the time to work on longer stories.
Just in case you want to join us - either as a reader, a writer or both - here’s the link: Monday Flash Fics. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.
When Jason Hudson and Heather Staunton first meet they are young and sure they are wrong for each other. As a result they spend a summer admiring each other from a safe distance.
Twenty years later Heather is coming out of mourning, having lost her husband and Dom eighteen months earlier. Jason, now the owner of an exclusive sex resort on the west coast of Ireland, struggles with the loss of his desire to dominate.
Jason’s resort is about to celebrate its first anniversary and party planner Heather has been hired to create the perfect celebration. Their reunion comes as a big surprise to both of them.
Old and familiar attraction, battles with new and conflicting emotions as Jason and Heather work together to organize the ultimate BDSM event. Overcoming the issues between them isn’t the only obstacle Jason and Heather face. In the background lurks a threat both to Heather’s independence and Jason’s livelihood.


“Master Jay.”
Heather heard the surprise in Karl’s voice but wasn’t quite sure what had elicited it.
“Your guest, Heather Staunton, has arrived.”
“Thank you, Karl.”
The voice was gruff and faintly familiar.
Heather took advantage of the fact that the man on the other side of the bright and spacious office had his back to her and studied her surroundings. She liked this room with its uncluttered feel. The furniture was big, made of dark wood and very masculine. The window on the other side of the room gave her another spectacular view of the Atlantic. She didn’t think she’d ever get tired of that picture. A slight change in the light provided Heather with a vague reflection of the man who had to be Master Jay. Something inside her stuttered. She knew this man. But no, it couldn’t be. Surely she had to be imagining things. There was no way on earth Master Jay could be the same person as the man she’d known as…
“Mrs. Staunton.” The man turned and stopped talking.
She would have laughed at both of them speaking at exactly the same time if she hadn’t been so shocked about finding herself face-to-face with somebody she hadn’t expected to ever meet again.
How long had it been? It had to be at least twenty years since she’d last seen this man she’d known as Jason Hudson. Twenty years since that summer in Wexford when they hadn’t quite managed to get together. A chill ran down Heather’s spine. What did this mean? Would this make her project harder or easier? Would she have preferred to deal with a complete stranger? Then again, wasn’t he a stranger anyway? A few weeks over one summer twenty years ago didn’t mean she knew who this man was—or how to work with him.
“Jason. It’s okay to call you Jason, isn’t it? Should I say Jay? Or even,” she couldn’t stop herself from smiling, “Master Jay?”

Author info:

Helena Stone can’t remember a life before words and reading. After growing up in a household where no holiday or festivity was complete without at least one new book, it’s hardly surprising she now owns more books than shelf space while her Kindle is about to explode.
The urge to write came as a surprise. The realisation that people might enjoy her words was a shock to say the least. Now that the writing bug has well and truly taken hold, Helena can no longer imagine not sharing the characters in her head and heart with the rest of the world.
Having left the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam for the peace and quiet of the Irish Country side she divides her time between reading, writing, long and often wet walks with the dog, her part-time job in a library, a grown-up daughter and her ever loving and patient husband.
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Sexy Me Up for #MySexySaturday with The Rules of Love #gay #BDSM #bloghop #excerpt @MySexySaturday

The theme for My Sexy Saturday this week is 'Sexy Me Up'. The way I'm interpreting that phrase is that it refers to someone who hasn't felt very sexy lately - maybe unwanted or unloved - and I think the abused submissive Kenneth in The Rules of Love fits that description perfectly. What he needs is the unconditional love of a Master who sees his true value, not only as a lover, but as a man. Master Saul has been aching to do that for the young man.

“Look at me, boy. Tell me what it is you want right now.”
One of the few things he did know about Kenneth was that he’d been submitting to another person for most of his adult life. Sam had told Aaron a bit about what he’d learned of him when he’d first arrived at Hampton Road. Kenneth had likely given over complete control of himself to another man for fifteen to twenty years. Saul was certain his tone would illicit an immediate, truthful response.
“I want you, Sir. Please give me a chance. I know I’m not young, I’m scarred and there are so many more beautiful men available to someone like you –“
Saul clutched Kenneth to his chest then kissed his head, stroking his back once more in reassurance. He chuckled to himself, surprised again by Kenneth’s response. He was also delighted. But he needed to be mindful of Kenneth’s recent abuse.
He whispered next to Kenneth’s ear. “Are you sure you want to give yourself to an old man like me? Wouldn’t you like to take some time to decide what you want now that you’ll be free of your captor?”
The sobbing started up again and Saul rocked Kenneth in his arms.
“There, there.” Saul noted that the other submissives had become rather interested in what was going on. “Let’s get you to the study and we can talk this out. Stop fretting. I won’t send you away. You can stay with me.”
Kenneth hiccupped, then caught a sob in his throat. He gazed up at Saul, his eyes red and swollen, his face streaked with tears.
Saul retrieved a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped Kenneth’s face with it. The gesture warmed him—he felt it all the way to his core. Already he was taking care of his boy.
“Yes. Really.”
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