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Rockin' the Alternative - 3 Weeks of Giveaways! #bisexual #gay #rocker #romance

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Rockin' the Alternative is only 99 cents for a limited time leading up to the general release of Rockin' it Forever on June 14th. Rockin' it tells Bryan and Aubrey's full story, but if you haven't read how they met and how their love story began, here's your chance to get the short on sale.

To celebrate, I'll be giving away 2 prizes each week to 2 lucky winners right up until Rockin' it Forever comes out - then I'll start a new grand prize giveaway. Yeah, I know, I went a little crazy with all of this, but I'm very excited about the Rockin' books because so much of them come from my own personal experiences in the music industry.

So here's the picture of the prize up for grabs this week, and the links to the blogs on the tour where you can enter the Rafflecopter. Check back next week for a new prize!

Exclusive limited edition mugs featuring the images of fitness models Ryan VanDyke and Jason Dickinson as photographed by Wander Aguiar for two lucky winners!

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May 24th:  MM Book Escape 

Blurb for Rockin' the Alternative:
The chance of a lifetime and the touch of a rock god are offered to music journalist Bryan Gallagher on the same day. Embracing one is easy, but resisting the other is harder than he’d anticipated – especially since Bryan has never been with a man.

It could be his dream assignment. Aubrey King, the legendary god of alternative rock music has requested to meet with journalist and writer Bryan about penning the star’s memoir. Aubrey and his dark, angsty songs are the reason Bryan was inspired to become a leading rock journalist. His obsession for his career has alienated the women in his life, but Bryan doesn’t care. What really matters to him is the music.

Aubrey King has been out of the music scene for almost ten years – ever since his alternative rock band, Falling in Stereo, broke up. Questions regarding his sexual preferences have always surrounded him, and now that he’s ready to make a solo comeback, he wants to tell his story, his way. He’s followed journalist Bryan Gallagher’s career for a while and believes that Bryan’s obvious passion for music mirrors his own. He loves his writing style, but is also enraptured by the boyishly handsome writer.

Pushing his fanboy nervousness aside is difficult when Aubrey finally stands before him. He’s amazed at how little Aubrey has changed – his intense gaze, his unique style and his still youthful looks epitomize the star he’s always been. But Aubrey’s vulnerability when he sings and shares the deeply personal lyrics of a new song triggers something in Bryan that he never knew was there.  The need to give himself to Aubrey, to let the rock god do to him what he’s never before desired a man to do.
Check back next week to see what the next prize in the giveaway is!

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Questioning For Seductive Studs #SedStuds #bisexual #gay #rocker #romance

Welcome to another week of the Seductive Studs Blog Hop. I'm sharing a snippet from Rockin' the Alternative. (which is on sale for 99 cents right now!) This is from the scene when rock journalist Bryan first begins to question his true sexual orientation. After the excerpt, be sure to scroll down to hop on over to some more seductive blogs :-)

“I assume there'll be a standard non-disclosure for the duration of the creation of your story?”
Aubrey made an almost comically exaggerated gesture of shrugging.
Bryan chuckled. “So I imagine there won’t be much in the way of disclosing until then.”
Inclining his head, Aubrey gazed at him in that intense way that Bryan loved. His look alone seemed to reveal absolutely everything.
“I’m finding myself not giving a shit about the agreement since I first laid eyes on you today, Bryan.”
Bryan didn’t dare delve any further into that statement.
“Can you at least let me know what the compulsion is for you to tell your story at this moment in history?”
“Is that the most important thing you want to know about me right now, Bryan?”
His voice was oh so smooth and inviting. It took Bryan in directions that were inappropriate, confusing and unnerving. None of those directions involved the reason he’d wanted the assignment with Aubrey. None of them involved Bryan reaching his career goals.
“No, I… It’s one of them.”
I need to keep the control here, stay on point.
“I surmised that you might be about to reveal to the world that you’re gay and that was why you chose to put your memoir out at this time—correct?”
There. That was the interviewer at work. That was how he gleaned information from his subjects. He let them know he wasn’t intimidated by their secrets. But Aubrey wasn’t one of his subjects.
“That’s part of it. Okay, now it’s my turn. Are you about to reveal to me that you’re gay?”
Bryan inhaled sharply. “I’m not gay.” Even to his own ears it had come off overly adamant. “I suppose we should wait until I’ve signed the paperwork before we continue…” He went to push himself up from the couch.
“Bryan, wait. “
Aubrey rested his hand lightly on Bryan’s arm, and Bryan stopped, still perched at the edge of the cushion.
“I don’t give a fuck about the agreements. Talk to me. Me. Not the singer, not the star. The man. I trust you, Bryan, I know you wouldn’t betray a confidence, and I wouldn’t betray yours.”
Trust me? We just met a couple of hours ago.”
“I already told you, Bryan, I go after what I want. I’ve researched you the way you have me and once I met the real man in person, I was even more taken. Don’t tell me you don’t follow your heart. I wouldn’t believe that from someone who speaks the language of music the way we both do.”
Something told Bryan he was in deep trouble and that there would soon be a point where he wouldn’t be able to go back. There wouldn’t be a do-over and he might really fuck things up for his career. But he couldn’t stop himself. Couldn’t take his eyes off the vision so close to him.
If you want to grab a copy of Rockin' the Alternative while it's on sale for 99 cents, head on over HERE. The rest of Bryan and Aubrey's story is told in Rockin' it Forever, on pre-order now, releasing June 14th. Reserve your copy HERE
And here's some more Seductive Studs! 

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Michael & Javier Part 11 ~ Hampton Road Club #FreeStory #gay #BDSM #1920s #romance

It's time for the latest installment of Michael and Javier's story! As always, if you need to get caught up, or need a refresher, the previous parts of the story are available under the free stories tab above.

The night hadn’t been uneventful, but it hadn’t been a disaster either. Javier gazed down at the three men who’d passed out after consuming copious amounts of unapproved reefer and hooch that they’d managed to smuggle into the orgy. Javier knew the drill. Their membership status would be reviewed post-orgy, and if they had any other marks on their record, their membership would be rescinded. If their record was clean, then they’d be on probation.
“I’ve verified that the rest of the playrooms are clear.” George peered around the doorway, one of his meaty paws gripping the frame. “The only men left in the mansion are the ones Saul has in the study with Michael.”
It was too early still. Saul wouldn’t have called Michael away from his post yet, he should’ve still been at the door verifying that no one else came in. I thought I still had time.
“Yeah. He told me to let you know so that you wouldn’t worry…” George frowned. “…Or something. I dunno. It didn’t make sense, but I guess he figured you’d know what he was talking about.”
Javier had already planned out what he was going to say to Michael. He’d run it through his head repeatedly as the night’s revelries had dragged on. It had become startlingly clear to him that he couldn’t live without Michael, so it meant two things. First, he’d beg for Michael's his forgiveness, then subsequently beg his boy to come away with him. He wouldn’t leave Saul in the lurch, he’d help train their replacements, but any existence without his beloved Michael in it was no existence at all.
“So anyway, I’m gonna head off to my room.” George winked at him. “Don’t want Bruce and Angelo starting without me.”
“H-hold on.” Javier lurched forward. “They’re in Saul’s study?”
George regarded him as if he was loony. “Yeah. That’s what I said.”
“And…” Javier wiped sweat from his brow, panic filling him. “The front door, it’s secure?”
“You okay? Ya don’t look so good.”
“Is it secure?”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t get all worked up in a lather. Everything’s ducky.” George shook his head. “I think the stress of this place is gettin’ to ya.”
“Right. If you’ll excuse me.”
Javier pushed past George, the rudeness of the move below the standards he typically maintained for himself, but he had to get to Saul’s study in time. Had to keep every one of those awful men away from his boy.
Michael shook. It was severe enough that there wasn’t the slightest chance it would go unnoticed by Saul and the masters he’d invited to Hampton Road. At least he hadn’t been forced to endure watching the men engage in various debaucheries during the orgy. As always, Michael’s place had been to man the entrance to the mansion.
But it was time to stand up for himself in a way he’d never thought he’d have the nerve to do. If nothing else, his confidence had grown from knowing Javier. Maybe not as a lover, for surely he mustn’t have much to offer in that area based on Javier’s lack of interest, but as someone who was smart and capable of handling a great amount of responsibility. As Javier’s assistant and the official greeter of the club, he’d shown himself to be worthy.
Saul said I must ask for what I want. Or in this case, it will be what I don’t want.
He raised his hand then knocked on Saul’s study door with more conviction.
“Come in!”
Saul’s warm, strong voice sounded, but it didn’t put Michael at ease the way it typically did. Michael knew those men would be in there, squabbling over which one of them should have him, examining him as if he was some sort of prized service animal. Disgusting. The thought of Javier owning him had always made his cock hard, but these men? He shuddered as he sucked in a breath, boosted his resolve, then opened the door, rushing ahead.
“Sir, before anything happens, I need to speak with you about…”
Michael stopped short, glancing around the room. Only Saul was present. Maybe they haven’t finished… He wrinkled his nose. Doing whatever it was they were doing.
“Have a seat, Michael.”
Saul appeared utterly relaxed, one ankle crossed over the opposite knee. He had an arm draped along the back of the love seat, a swifter of brandy in his hand. He swirled the amber liquid in the glass as he regarded Michael with an almost giddy smile.
Michael couldn’t help but feel a twinge of hurt. Seems as though Javier isn’t the only one at Hampton Road who’s glad to be rid of me.
“Forgive me, Sir. But I prefer to remain standing since I won’t be staying long.”
Saul arched his eyebrows then took a swallow of his brandy. “Oh? Wouldn’t you like to see the Master I’ve chosen for you?”
Anger coursed through him, building in the same way it had the day before when Javier had shown up in the kitchen, daring to give him what for.
Michael held his chin up. “I regret to inform you that I’ve no interest in any Master you’ve chosen for me. Instead, I’m tendering my resignation from Hampton Road. Will two weeks be sufficient time to find a replacement for me?” 
Michael swallowed. He wasn't sure who was more shocked by his outburst - him or Saul.
Saul furrowed his brow. He leaned forward, placing his drink on the small mahogany table before him. Then he rubbed his chin as he seemingly pondered Michael’s words. At last, he shook his head.
“No, I don’t think it is sufficient time.”
“Oh.” Some of the steam had been taken out of Michael after his fevered declaration. “Well then, how long do you anticipate you’ll need?” Saul had been so good to him, after all.
Saul glanced up, a severe mien on his face. “I’m afraid I’ll need you here indefinitely. And really, it will be up to your Master to make that final decision anyway.”
Michael pressed his lips together in an attempt to keep his fury contained. He’d never experienced such a rage. How dare he? After all that Michael had confessed to him after which Saul had been so understanding and seemingly helpful. Then this? Michael had put up with so many people either using him, not caring about him or outright treating him badly. He was done.
“Perhaps I wasn’t clear, sir. I said I have no interest-“
“Stop this instant!” Javier had thrown the door wide, rushing in. He stood on the carpet that covered the entrance to the study, a wild look in his eyes. His breath came in fast pants as if he’d raced across the mansion.
Javier glanced around the room frantically, his gaze finally landing on Michael. The desperation and longing radiating back at him was almost too much to bear.
When he said he wanted to speak with me later…?
Javier whipped his head to face Saul. “I don’t understand. George said you were here with Michael, that you were giving away my boy to one of those men you’d selected for him?”
Michael gasped.
“Oh, I’m terribly sorry.” Saul appeared much too amused given the gravity of the situation. “George must have misunderstood.” He turned to Michael, then indicated to Javier. “Michael, I’d like to introduce you to the Master I chose for you.”
There you have it! It seems as if Michael might get his wish after all. *wink* I'll have more for you soon.

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Rockin' it Forever on Early Download @PridePublishing! #bisexual #gay #rocker #romance

Hey everyone - Rockin' it Forever is on early download right now at Pride Publishing. What does this mean, you ask? Well, quite simply, you can read the rest of Bryan and Aubrey's story a full month before anyone else! Yay! Also - stay tuned to this rock 'n' roll channel, because there are tons of fun giveaways, exclusive excerpts, character interviews and more all coming your way soon. For now - here's a little taste of Bryan and Aubrey as they traverse their way through new relationship waters:

They fell into another clinch, each simultaneously seeking out the other’s mouth, kissing with a fervor that sealed the truth of their words. Bryan’s stomach growled and they both chuckled with their lips still joined.
“My poor baby. I’m not taking very good care of him.”
Aubrey stroked his hair, planting tiny kisses along his jaw then up the side of his face.
“Aubrey, I’ve never been so well taken care of, trust me. But I could use some food before I begin interviewing you tonight.”
A small groan rumbled from Aubrey’s throat. “What about the MTV video?”
“After your interview. I want to outline some chapters tomorrow.”
“You’re so bossy.” Aubrey nibbled some more. “I like it.”
Aubrey released him with a sigh. “Does this mean I have to put on pants?”
“It’s a tragedy, I know.”
“You do sound like, Ed. It’s kind of freaking me out.”
Bryan smirked. “Very funny. Where do you usually go around here to shop?”
As soon as the words had left his mouth, it occurred to Bryan that maybe Aubrey didn’t do his own shopping. So much of the day-to-day Aubrey was still such a mystery to him.
“Bristol Farms. I don’t go anywhere else. It’s right down the street. They have the best organic and fresh foods. Great deli. I usually order online for home delivery though.” Aubrey frowned as if in thought. “But you’ll wanna go there and see for yourself what they have. Then the next time, you’ll know.”
Bryan mulled that over. He’d noticed that Aubrey was very fussy about what he ate and was definitely much more health-conscious than Bryan. Everything they’d eaten so far had been wonderful as far as he was concerned, but he wasn’t sure how Aubrey would react if he wanted the occasional burger or chili dog.
“We don’t have to go there if you don’t want to, Bry.”
“Sorry. Got lost in my own thoughts. No, I’ve never been so I’d love to go check it out.”
Aubrey was the one who should be the reporter. Or possibly a detective.
Bryan gave him a quick reassuring peck on his lips. “It’s nothing. I just hope my need for the occasional junk food binge won’t turn you off.”
“Not at all. You eat what you want. I can’t imagine those nice sleek muscles are being supported by tofu.” Aubrey squeezed his biceps. “Yup. There were at least a couple of Quarter Pounders that contributed to this one.”
Bryan pinched Aubrey’s butt. Aubrey yelped in surprise. “Then I guess I’ll have to work you out so hard you’ll need to re-energize with some fast food meat.”
“Oh, Jesus. You didn’t just say that.” Aubrey chortled. “I don’t ever want your meat fast, Bry.”
Bryan groaned. “Okay. I think we’ve gone as far as we can with that. Pants?”
“Fine. Pants. But the next time you ask about my pants, I expect it to be a demand that I take them off.”
After swiping his tongue through Aubrey’s mouth, Bryan winked at him. “It’s a deal.”
Something about Aubrey had brought him to life, had made him want to lift the lid off all the emotions and opinions he’d kept locked away for so many years. He’d never had an issue when dealing with his subjects, had always been ruthless in his pursuit of the story. But in the same way that he’d kept his viewpoints to himself when he was with Mike, he’d done the same with the women he’d dated.
“Come on, Bry.
Aubrey took his hand the way he always did and Bryan happily trotted along behind him. More than anything, he wanted their bliss to be precisely as it was at that moment for as long as it could last. Even though he’d been kept restrained in the background, practical Bryan was still there to remind him that nothing ever stayed the same. It would either get better or it would get worse. If practical Bryan dared to suggest that it could get worse, then happy Bryan was prepared to kick him in the nuts.
Available to download now HERE
Visit the Rockin' world Pinterest Board and see the locations and other insights to the stories HERE 

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A Sexy Rock God for Seductive Studs ~ #NSFW #gay #romance #SedStuds

Phew, yeah. It's been a while! But a lot of great stuff has been in the works, and part of that is the upcoming release of the follow up to Bryan and Aubrey's story in Rockin' the Alternative: Rockin' it Forever. Stay tuned for more details and lots of giveaways *wink*

But for now, welcome to this week's Seductive Studs! Look for us on Mondays going forward when there will be lots of seductive snippets at different blogs to get your week started off right. My offering for today is out of the upcoming Rockin' it Forever, and is a sexy moment between rock star Aubrey King, and his lover, music journalist Bryan Gallagher.

Bryan brought up Aubrey’s number on his phone. The picture of Aubrey proudly displaying the large mark Bryan had left on his neck made his dick twitch with interest every time he saw it. Even if the ownership was a fantasy in his mind, he knew about it and Aubrey had acknowledged it. The mark was significant to them and that was all that counted.
“My sweet Bry, you’re awake so early?”
Aubrey was undoubtedly somewhere private. The greeting he’d received when Aubrey had been around others had been markedly different.
“Hey, Aubrey.” Someday he wouldn’t be so shy when Aubrey greeted him with affection. “Getting things wrapped up to head to L.A. You alone?”
“Very. Do you wanna talk nasty again? Mmm.” He heard some shuffling sounds that could’ve been Aubrey’s clothes or some other fabric. “Jesus. You’ve got my cock hard and needy already.”
“Uh…” He had to admit Aubrey was having the same effect on him. “Yeah. You do that to me too.”
“Tell me about it Bry. What do you think about when you’re alone? My hard dick, swollen and full, dripping with need for you? Is that what you picture? Or maybe you recall what it’s like when I lap at your hole with my tongue. When I force it past the tight rim that guards your entrance, when I fuck you with it, tease you…”
Aubrey moaned and Bryan yanked his zipper down, fumbling, struggling not to drop the phone he held between his shoulder and ear. It was abrupt and not in any way how he’d pictured the beginning of their conversation, but who gave a fuck? 
You can pre-order Rockin' it Forever HERE
Want to find out how Aubrey and Bryan got together? The short story, Rockin' the Alternative is available HERE
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Dare to Hope ~ An All Cocks Story Blog Tour & Giveaway! #gay #menage #romance #newrelease @TTCBooksandmore

Dare to Hope
 an All Cocks Story book 4
Virtual book tour

Tristan is the second oldest of the Brennan brothers and the odd man out. Most of the Brennan men have careers in law enforcement, but as a psychiatrist, Tristan chooses to help people in a different way. Quiet and restrained, he is content to hover in the background of his more gregarious brothers. Then he meets two men, each broken and damaged from losses beyond their control. 

Gabriel Simenson is mourning his lover’s death. The random act of violence that took Gio’s life has left everyone at All Cocks reeling. The only thing keeping Gabe from drowning in misery is the friendship he’s forged with Micah, the newest model at All Cocks. He continues to struggle, and at the urging of his All Cocks family Gabe agrees to counseling with Tristan under one condition: Micah t go with him. 

Micah Solo can relate to unbearable loss, having lost his leg and so much more in Iraq. The past two years he has been alone, adrift and vulnerable — the memories of war haunting his dreams, spilling over into his daily life. At All Cocks, Micah has found the acceptance he craves and the family he lost, but still he yearns for happiness and peace within. 

The friendship between the three is instant, the mutual attraction evident. They circle each other, wanting more, yet unsure if it is truly possible. Is life the mundane reality they’ve each come to accept for themselves or do they dare to hope? 

The All Cocks Stories is a series set within the world of online gay porn. 
*Warning* Micah’s PTSD is told in detail, including flashbacks to his time in Iraq. 

Grab your copy now! 

Buy links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon AUARe | Smashwords

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Gay for Pay - Book 1

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A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.

Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!

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A Sexy Stripper for Seductive Studs #SedStuds #gay #bisexual #romance

Hi everyone! So Strip Search (Sin City Uniforms 7 ) came out this week - yay! It's hit the bisexual romance charts at Amazon and is #19 at All Romance, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. It's been one of those weeks where I could some extra good feels, so for those of you who gave it a chance and picked up a copy - you rule!

For Seductive Studs this week, I'm going to share an extra sexy excerpt from Strip Search. This is from Dakota and Reed's first encounter:

Once Dakota turned the knob, Reed gave the door a push, stepping over the threshold as he did. He searched around with his hand for a light switch while keeping his eyes forward. Dakota’s fingers ghosted over his before the room was illuminated. He took in the surroundings while checking each room to make sure they were actually alone.
Reed stepped back into the main area. “We’re good. Lock us up.”
Dakota let out an audible sigh, then rushed to do as Reed had asked. “Oh God. I don’t think I’ve breathed since we got here.”
“Should I be ready to catch you again?”
Dakota sidled up to him. “Maybe.”
Reed stumbled back from the force of Dakota’s unexpected kiss. His mouth was hot and sweet, his tongue seeking every part of Reed’s own as he deepened his exploration. He hadn’t kissed a man since Mark, but he grabbed Dakota, pulling him closer. It was different with a man. The strength each of them had, the scrape of stubble against skin, the masculine scent and taste.
Reed fed a groan into Dakota’s mouth as he took over their exchange, caressing and kneading Dakota’s body as he did. The moment Dakota submitted to him spiked his need. His cock filled, pressing uncomfortably against his jeans, and he directed Dakota toward the couch. Dakota let Reed push him down on the sofa and Reed followed him down.
Random pieces of clothing, throw pillows and a magazine or two littered their playground, but since Dakota didn’t seem to care, Reed ignored them as well. All that mattered was his need to feel Dakota’s naked flesh against his own.
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